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Justin historian

Justin may refer to:
* Justin (name), a common given name
* Justin Martyr (103–165), early Christian apologist
* Justin (historian), 3rd century Roman historian
* Justin I (450–527), or Flavius Iustinius Augustus, an Eastern Roman Emperor who ruled from 518 to 527
* Justin II (520–578), or Flavius Iustinius Iunior Augustus, an Eastern Roman emperor who ruled from 565 to 578
* Justin (Moesia), Byzantine general, killed in battle in 528.
* Justin (consul 540) (c. 525–566), Byzantine general, consul in 540
* Iustin Moisescu (1910–1986), Patriarch of All Romania
* Justin (singer) (born 1978), Hawaiian singer-songwriter
* Justin Timberlake (born 1981), sometimes attributed as 'Justin'
* Justin, Texas, a city in the United States
* Justin.tv, a network of diverse channels providing a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online
* "Justin" (Korn song), a song from the 1998 album Follow the Leader
* Justin Lo, attributed as "Justin", Hong Kong Chinese American singer-songwriter, actor and record producer
o Justin (2005 album)
o Justin (2008 album)
* Justin, the main character of Grandia, a 1997 role-playing game
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* Saint Justin (disambiguation)
* Justinus (disambiguation)
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